Can’t Live Without : Spray Mop

Can’t Live Without : Spray Mop

Our poor hard floors don’t half put up with a lot. We take time and care to choose our floors and pay good money for them, so it goes without saying that we want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Daily wear and tear, muddy footprints (and paw prints) can leave hard floors looking less than lovely, so we know how invaluable a really good mop can be.

A Lakeland bestseller, the Spray Mop is an all-in-one floorcare system that makes cleaning and protecting hard floors really simple. With an on-board cartridge that sprays the quick-drying, pH-neutral formula with a squeeze of the handle, you don’t even need a mop and bucket! And as the microfibre cleaning pad is on a 360° swivel head, gliding it across your floor couldn’t be easier.

With two to choose from – one for wood floors, and another for stone, tile and laminate – Spray Mop have specialised in hard floor care for about 100 years, and it doesn’t surprise us a bit that our customers love them so much.

Sue Halfpenny, a Lakeland customer from Sheffield, used the Wood Floor Mop, and kindly left the following lovely review on our website: “I received my parcel this morning and assembled the mop straight away. It was easy to use and the results were great. We have a young dog with big paws and the floors were clean and dry really quickly. I’m delighted with the product – as with everything I buy from Lakeland. It was worth the money. Thank you Lakeland.”

We called Sue to have a natter about the mop, and she had lovely things to say about it. As chief human to a 6-year old Cockapoo, Sue had relied upon her trusty mop to keep the wooden floors gleaming in the kitchen and hallway of her last home. “It was so easy to use, and it kept those floors looking lovely. I moved house last year, and my new home is mostly carpeted. I reluctantly left the mop behind so the new owners can keep the floors nice.” We’re so happy that Sue loved the mop enough to pass it to someone else, rather than say goodbye to it completely. While we were chatting, Sue mentioned that her daughter, who lives in a flat with laminate flooring, has a pet ‘Jug’ – that’s a cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug (we didn’t know either!). She said, “I must recommend the mop to her – it’ll make it so easy to keep her laminate clean.” In fact, Sue was so happy to endorse the mop that she agreed to let us put her product review and photo in our store windows!

Sue had just had her birthday, and though she sounded very young at heart, she told us she’d shopped with us for many, many, many years… “When all you sold was plastic bags!” We can’t think of anyone better to recommend our products than our customers themselves, and we’re delighted that – after all these years – Sue still shops with us, and loves our products enough to tell others just how fab they are.

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